University of Maryland Center for Environmental ScienceHorn Point Oyster Hatchery

Oyster Seed Sales

To place an order for oyster seed please contact Stacey Willey (UMCES HPL) at (410)221-8330 or, Shannon Hood (UMCES HPL) at (410)221-8225 or, or ORP at (410)990-4970. Seed are typically sold by the thousand but smaller orders may, at times, be accommodated. Orders for triploids require 60 days advance notice and triploid larvae may not be in production after June 1. Please call or email to inquire availability.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required when the order is placed in order to be valid. All orders are custom produced. The time it will take for orders to be ready will vary. Orders for delivery will have estimated shipping costs added to the final balance. All sales must be PAID IN FULL before product will be released. Payments can be made to UMCES HPL by check or to ORP by credit card, check or money order. Cash will not be accepted. Personal checks will not be accepted for orders over $500 without prior approval. A certified check, money order, or credit card is required.

Orders for Pickup

When the order is ready to be picked up, a hatchery staff member will provide notice and the order must be picked up within 7 business days. If the order is not picked up within those 7 days, product availability is not guaranteed and may be subject to a price increase. Full payment is due before or at the time of pickup. All sales MUST BE PAID IN FULL before product will be released.

Orders for Delivery

When full payment has been received, a hatchery staff member will assist with scheduling shipment of orders via FedEx. Upon notice, shipping must be scheduled within 7 business days with delivery date within 10 business days. Failure to schedule/receive shipment within this time frame could result in an increase in price and product availability is not guaranteed. Shipments are not made on Fridays or weekends. All sales MUST BE PAID IN FULL before product will be released.

There are 2 shipping options; 1. You pay a separate invoice for shipping after FedEx calculates costs billed by HPL monthly/seasonally, or  2.  you obtain your own FedEx account number and are billed directly from FedEx.

Orders containing 200,000 or more seed may have be be shipped in multiple shipments and varying times.


In the event that you cancel your order, you will forfeit your deposit.
In the event that the facility is unable to fulfill your order, you will be refunded your deposit. Checks can take up to 6-8 weeks to process. Credit Cards can be refunded within a few days for purchases less than 6 months old.

Cultchless Seed Prices (per 1,000 oysters)

Size Recommended Screen Size Diploid Wild Diploid Disease Resistant* or Triploid Disease Resistant**
2-3 mm 2 mm $8.50 $10.75
3-5 mm 3 mm $9.50 $12.00
5-10 mm***** 5 mm $13.50 $17.00

* Diploid Disease Resistant are selectively bred, disease-resistant oysters made or sold under license from Virginia Institute of Marine Science Aquaculture Center.
** Triploid Disease Resistant are natural triploids produced under license from 4Cs Breeding Technologies, Inc.
Mandatory royalty fees for disease resistant and triploid oyster have been included in the prices above.

*****Seed larger than 5mm will not be readily available. It is possible we may have larger sizes available in the latter part of the summer. If you are interested please provide your contact information. These will be sold on a first come first served basis. Please note these quantities will be limited.

Please continue scrolling down to see images of oyster seed sizes available for purchase.